Wireless Safe Zones for Our Kids!

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Wi‑Fi is changing how we get things done. In a typical day, an average person uses several different Wi‑Fi devices for work or play. It’s become a part of our everyday lives, sometimes without us even realizing it.

But when something inappropriate gets pulled up while our kids are online, it’s a big problem to fix.

Your family members at home, are counting on you to protect them.

Plus, with all those device’s and different software platform’s making it difficult to actually fix the problem.

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You can’t fix what you can’t see, which is why WISE WiFi makes a product that allow you to visualize your kid’s wireless environment so you can effectively identify, and maintain a kid safe wireless network. No one has time to scroll through hundreds of rows of data; we crunch the numbers for you and create intuitive graphs and charts that let you spot patterns and potential problems quickly and easily.

Know your network

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Whether you’re a Wi‑Fi novice or a pro, WISE WiFi has a solution for your family. Our product is designed to excel in one thing, and to help you fix your Wi‑Fi problem quickly in an engaging, intuitive way.

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  • 2 Sided Router
    • Private Zone – has no restrictions
    • Kid Zone – restricted with your personal settings
  • Ability to Personalize White & Black List Websites
    • White List – “Trusted” list
    • Black List – “Restricted” list
  • Cover over 100 Categories that can be restricted
  • Block Inappropriate Materials
    • Images
    • Cost Sites (e.g., paid sites, shopping, etc.)
  • Dynamic Content Blocker
    • Blocks inappropriate banner ads on webpages.
  • WISE WiFi service can be added to your existing network.
  • We help you analyze and optimize your network for your family.
  • Premier technical support M-F 8am- 8pm.

Premier Plus

  • 4 Sided Router
    • Private Zone – has no restrictions
    • Kid Zone – restricted with your personal settings
    • Teen Zone – Monitor your teens activity without restrictions.
    • Guest Zone – Easley give access to your guest without compromising security.
  • Premier Plus technical support 24/7.



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Here at WISE WiFi,

We strive to protect our children and your children from the danger’s that lurk on-line.  Through knowledge, technology  and partnerships we form in the community and by paying it forward to local youth programs.



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